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Boxing Basics Class Information

The boxing basics class is an hour long. The class will start with teaching you how to wrap your hands. You will learn our dynamic warm-up along with jumprope. We have alternate exercises for jumprope if injuries prevent this. You will learn your boxing stances, movement, punches 1-6, and defensive tactics. We will conclude the class with core exercises and stretching. 

Need to know Information

We are located inside the Chapel Hills Mall. Please park to the west of the Dick's Sporting Goods parking lot. There is a mall entrance directly in front of this parking lot. Walk straight in the entrance, and all the way into "Worktime Athletics." Take a left inside and you will see the boxing gym. We are directly across from the kids play area.

Please arrive 10 minutes early to allow time for us to check you in and meet you! Wear athletic clothing/sneakers and bring water. We look forward to training with you. 

Use the link below to fill out the waiver.

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